Hi Casey and Armando,

I just wanted to take a second to let you guys know we truly do appreciate the great customer service your company has shown us. I am trying really hard to push your products more and at some point we are going to switch our old out dated stock medals to one of your new lines. The quality of the work is always great as well.

I also wanted to make sure you knew how great of a job Astrid Trejo is doing for me personally. Every time I email or call her she is always quick to reply with the info I needed. She is so easy to work with and great to talk to on the phone. Always pleasant and professional. I have been through a few other customer service reps of yours and they have been perfectly fine, but she is head and shoulders above all others.

Matt Kidd
Creative Awards & Promotions

Hello Again,

We received the pins and I just wanted to say thank you very much. My boss is very happy with the quality and with the fact that they came in time for his conference this weekend.
All American Trophy

Thank you SO, SO much Ashley!! Simba has always been so wonderful to work with, and this is just another example of your amazing employees and customer service!!
Ellen Powell
Pay-Less Office Products

Dear Vince,

I want you and your staff to know how much I appreciate the excellent service and products we received from SimbaCal today. I can't thank you enough for taking this project on with such a short turn around time. We received the coins this morning (well in advance of the in-hands date) and they look great. My customer will be thrilled. I look forward to using SimbaCal on future projects.
Thank you again,
Omega Miller
Impact Advertising


I don't think 150 characters is enough to say how fabulous this supplier is to work with! Prompt, patient and professional they are. the 3 P's!
Worrell Bros Promotional Products


She (and the mysterious art person she had to forward my requests to 15+ times) have gone and thrown down the distributor “3 P’s”! Prompt, Patient, Professional Briana and staff have worked so very hard and been so helpful to me to satisfy a very difficult end user. We finally got the order today, you finally have the order in house and I certainly could not have accomplished it without their help. I have been in this industry for 26 years and let me tell you that customer service from our distributors is on and has been on such a decline. As a distributor, you often feel like suppliers do not really care what yours problems are and what your clients need, and it leaves us all feeling a bit frustrated and neglected. Not with your staff. Briana made me feel like I was the most important customer she had, as if she too felt my frustration with my client and certainly that she was not going to give up on me until we both were awarded this darn order.


I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is John Egidio and my wife, Min, and are the new owners of ATA Engaving in San Diego, CA. We just took over the long standing business in January of 2017. We are slammed with orders right now, but I felt it important to reach out to you immediately with this news. Things are going really well i our busiess and we have used Simba for a couple of coin and pin orders and have always been grateful for your work, but something special happened today with your employee Briana Gutter. Today's order was only the 2nd or 3rd time I have ever used Simba. We are a small retailer and this was a small order. Brianna treated me today like I was your biggest customer and went out of her way (for at least an hour) to make sure that a package arrived at my shop by 4pm today. DHL was giving us the runaround and Brianna straightened it all out for me. I am so impressed with Briana and it speaks to the culture at Simba that she would do all of this for me. I hope that you can appreciate her efforts and know how grateful I am.
All the best,
John Egidio ATA Engraving

Hi Ashley,

I received the pins yesterday.. Thank you for the quick turnaround.. You guys made me look great…


I also need to ask you to ship back the original Arcolian pin as the Doctor called to ask me about it today.Speaking of which, they absolutely LOVED the pins!! Many, many thanks to you and your staff for that one! It was very detailed and intricate and you guys nailed it!


Great service, Great job, Super delivery.
Thanks! You're on my "HOT" list.
Don Kujawa


Just a quick note to thank you and your team for a wonderful on time quality product. This is one of the worlds premier hotels and you really made us look good. Thank you all.
Best regards!


I wanted to take a minute and tell you that I received the labels and my customer loved them and quality was super! Thank you for your help with this order .
Much Appreciated!
Lynn Vasquez


It was nice to meet and speak with you at the show this past weekend in Atlanta. I am a customer and very happy with your company’s customer service. I purchased some Vibraprint rings for a baseball tournament in June and the customer was well pleased in how they turned out. We will push these for the upcoming soccer and football seasons.
Much Appreciated!
Jim Robert

Dear Simba,

My husband, Ross, and I just wanted to thank you for your tremendous efforts in getting the pins to us today. We are so grateful for your ability to fix the problem so quickly for us. We know you're very busy, and we sincerely appreciate all that you do to support our business. Your service truly sets Simba apart, and it's one of the primary reasons we have continued to promote your products and services. Thank you again for everything. Have a great day!
Much Appreciated!

Hi Carly,

I am taking a minute out my busy day to commend Rebecca Tejada for her excellent customer service. I have been working with her for years. I can’t say enough about the quality of service and product Simba consistently produces for us. You guys make Dan Kain Trophies look so good! Rebecca always goes above and beyond customer service, with many difficult projects I have thrown her way. She always exceeds my expectations with her prompt response and quick work of turning around our orders, sometimes on very short notice. I am the manager here, and I completely understand the importance of customer service. It all starts with them, as it is the front line of your business. I just wanted to inform you of what a great asset she is to Simba, and to us! It is always “No Problem” when I place custom orders. It is such a pleasure to work with her. I look forward to long business relationship with Simba and I do appreciate all you do for us.
Much Appreciated!
Joe Smith


Just wanted to say a HUGE Thanks for getting those items turned so quickly! Simba will continue to be our #1 go to for all lapels, custom medals, coins, and all of the other fantastic items, you offer. Your hard work is GREATLY appreciated.
Thank You!

Hi Rebecca & Ben,

I wanted to tell you that we had our Post-Graduation luncheon today, where we evaluated all aspects of the event. I can't tell you how many times the quality of the coins came up. At least 5 of my colleagues remarked about their outstanding quality. One Vice President in particular remarked how even though they were presented to veterans, almost every graduate who walked them were envious, as though they wanted one. So, I wouldn't be surprised in the least if these were re-ordered.
Thank You!


Armando is my favorite vendor for medals because of his personality and medal quality!

Hello Scott:

Our customer picked up the Freedom Fest Pins and they were exactly what he wanted. Thanks, for all that you do in getting our orders to us right and on time, we appreciate your thoughtfulness.


I just wanted to update everyone that my client decided to go with an acrylic 3D printed maltese cross from Simba. They received the cross and are extremely happy with it. Great products and customer service from Simba.


We have been associated and have used the services of Simba Cal for over 15 years. At all times they have come through with every order that we have sent them whether large or small. Not once have they let us down as far as service, quality, on time delivery and politeness. We highly recommend them to any company looking for products that they supply.....
Thank you Simba Team.


It is pleasure doing business with Simba. They are very creative and their products are of high quality is their prices are excellent
A & M


Thanks again for all your help today, Armando. You were a tremendous help under pressure today.
Our client will be ecstatic to receive the lapel pins on Monday. Please forward this to your supervisor – service like what you provided today should be noted.


This is the happiest that I've been treated!

Contact info,

Thanks for your excellent help Armando!! Sending info over to my client. Will send in order prob within an hour.

Hi Scott,

You and everyone at Simba pulled off the miracle of re-making our 366 lost soccer tournament medals and shipping in just one day – this is customer service that goes beyond anyone’s imagination. Needless to say, whenever we need a product that you can produce we will not be shopping. The only words we can come up with are “THANK YOU TO ALL”. The lost medals are still lost – we’ll let you know when or if they ever show up. On another note, we just sent in an order for another 197 of the same medals as the tournament ended up larger than expected. These extras can come by normal production.
Thanks again to everyone at Simba,


OMG Amazing!!!!
Thank you so much!!!


It's people like you that keep me from retiring. It's such a pleasant experience to call to order something or have something custom made when dealing with someone like you. Your knowledge, professionalism and courteous manner are such a joy and so rare these days. It's a privilege to do business with Simba.
Thank you,
Spring Valley Trophy


Scott is tremendous with problem resolution and customer service. We had a difficult project and Scott helped us knock it out of the park with the client. Scott made great product reccomendations and ensured our process with Simba was A+ from start to finish. You have made a fan out of us and we are excited to start doing more business with Simba.


Thank you. Scott is awesome by the way! He helped me find chains for these when the standard ones were too thin. You guys are WAY more helpful than most vendors.

Art is Approved.

(A big thanks to all the staff at Simba! You are always taking care of us and our customers.)


Casey it is way too often that we as owners get pulled into situations when things go wrong on orders. This order did have a snag, I don't know if you were alerted or not but I wanted to give you a heads up that Ashley really saved the day on this rush order. Not sure of the specifics on the order since I didn't pulled into it on Friday but she went way above and beyond on this order. I wanted to personally say thank you to her for the help. Just want to also let you know next time I am in LA I am taking her to dinner to show my appreciation! :) That's not standard protocol but she always does a great job helping us out so I owe her a nice dinner.
Great job and thanks again.
Thanks and Best Regards,

Good Afternoon!

My name is Vickie. I wanted to email you regarding your customer service representative Rebecca. We have been working on a medal project and have had to touch the virtual sample and quotation several times. Rebecca has worked so well with us in accommodating what changes the customer has requested, and has made this process as easy and painless as possible. Rebecca has been excellent in her knowledge about the products, provides quick replies to my emails, answers her phone immediately, returns phone calls and emails upon request quickly, and all with a smile you can hear in her voice. It is not often you work with a supplier that is so patient and professional as Rebecca has been, and I just wanted you to know that we appreciate her representation of your company. Customer service can make or break a company. It would be awesome if more companies had people like Rebecca to represent them in such a manner. We will definitely refer your company to our other sales reps for future orders.
Thank you! Have a Great Day!

Hi Scott

Please tell your art department that I am dually impressed, and you along with their efforts have made this a very easy transaction! As always, thanks for your efficiency, professionalism, and expert direction.
Be well!

Yall are AWESOME!!!

Thanks again for everything!

Thanks for a great job!

Scott and the entire staff at Simba, Just a quick note to thank all of you for the spectacular job you did on our order for the Snohomish United Soccer Tournament. We placed our order on June 10 and received it on June 19 – this was no small task as there were 2200 medals and ribbons along with 2200 lapel pins. We would not consider even looking at another supplier for this type of product. Again, thanks to everyone involved and especially to you Scott for helping us figure out what product would work the best under such a tight time line.
And as they say, the check is in the mail.


Medals made it and the customer is extremely happy!! Thanks again to you, Ashley and the team helping me make this tight deadline. This WILL lead to future business for both of us…..
Take care,

Hi Scott,

Great service all around. I had never personally worked with you guys, and I am happy with the experience so far. I will be using Simba Cal again. Thanks for your help.
Enjoy the day,


I would like to take this time to let you know how much help Scott was with an order. I had this idea about putting our school District III logo in the middle of a QCM medal and Scott got this done for me. They had to be for separate sports and with the ring around the outside that was accomplished. Scott even made the rings to match the gold, silver and bronze of the medals. I am so happy with them and wanted to let you know.
Thank you,