Free Shipping

FREE SHIPPING - Yes! Free Shipping (48 contiguous states only). SIMBA® is proud to offer free ground shipping on any order of $100.00 (P) or more. That’s right, no more wondering what to add for freight or worrying about chipping into your bottom line with unexpected shipping costs. Once again SIMBA® has made life a little bit easier for you… and let’s face it , we can all use a little break here and there.


VIBRAPRINT™: Insert labels printed with the Vibraprint™ process are a great choice when your design includes shading, bleeds or gradient fills. The Vibraprint™ printing process is a four color digital printing process and has no color limitations. The labels can be cut into any shape to meet your design requirements. Adding a clear poly dome will protect your label, and give an appearance of depth to your design. The Vibraprint™ printing process allows for imprint on white background with or without poly dome.

Texture Tone

TEXTURE TONE™: bright , clear, photo quality images combined with a lifelike 3D texture make up SIMBA’S TEXTURE TONE™ process. Durable textured decoration you’ll want to reach out and touch for yourself. Available on many of SIMBA’S products and packaging including custom applications on your products. Call us and see if we can TEXTURE TONE™ it for you.


QUALICAST™ pins and medallions are perfect for designs with cut-out areas and 3D details. These high quality pins and medallions are available with or without color, in your choice of finish. Also available in precious metals that can be used to create a first class emblematic jewelry keepsake.

Power Stamped

POWER STAMPED™ pins offer sharp detail and relief that gives them a classic appearance. Sandblasting, brushing, and other textures provide contrast with the highly polished raised metal areas. Manufactured in your choice of brass or iron material.